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Zooplus is one of the largest and most well-known online pet suppliers servicing a variety of countries across greater Europe. With over 12 years of expertise in pet food and pet accessories industry, their offering comprises thousands of product from leading global brands. With over 15 million transactions processed and over 20 million parcels shipped to countries across Europe itís not difficult to see why they are the online retailer of choice for many dog owners.

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Rated 3/5 from 15 User-Ratings.

my dogs love the treats. The parcel comes from Germany, waiting time was 3 days. Will order there again!

I was nervous when ordering my dog food online for the first time - you just never know how it's going to go but I was exceptionally impressed by the competitive prices, easy ordering process and speed with which my delivery arrived. The entire order was well packaged and not a thing was missing or incorrect. I've ordered a few times now and the experience is always great. Well done Zooplus!

My orders used to take long to arrive, but then I discovered that when you don't use Yodel they get to you much quicker. Deliveries have also vastly improved since the days when you had to wait for packages to arrive from Germany, think it's because they have opened a UK warehouse now. Prices are very competitive and generally customer service is good.

Zooplus is my favourite online pet supplies shop by far! I really like the fact that you can upload photos of your pet and the products that you bought so that other users can see the "real life" version of the product - this is really helpful as things don't always turn out to be as good as the commercial pics appear, just wish more people would take the time to do it! Customer service is great and deliveries are usually very quick.

I made a mistake on my order last week and the Zooplus customer care team went above and beyond to assist in rectifying it and ensuring that all was received without delay and with appropriate corrections. I've had an issue before when I ordered elsewhere and the customer service was completely unresponsive and eventually shipped me the wrong order without noting my corrections. So once again the Zooplus team outdoes their competitors by going the extra mile to help. Thank-you Zooplus!

I've shopped around alot online for my dogs food, toys and supplies and nowhere beats Zooplus prices. I wish I had found them sooner!

From all of the great reviews this site gets I was very disappointed when I received such bad service in terms of delivery. I know they use external couriers and these things aren\'t always in their control but I have now had not one but two late deliveries. This is not acceptable and it\'s a pity because everything else is so good!

This site is great and product range is excellent. I actually waste TOO much time just looking at everything here and my dogs have never been so spoilt! The only BUT I have is that delivery is erratic...not always bad but not excellent. Delays are understandable from time to time but they should work on ensuring that they don\'t happen at all. Last week I had to go out and buy dog food because my order was late. It probably won\'t stop me from ordering (unless it gets worse) but I would really like to just have things arrive on time every time.

I received damaged bag of dog food , I got in touch within a half an hour asking for an exchange and for damaged one to be taken away, 2 days later they asked for photo so I emailed it, no reply emailed again, they said they got no photo so this time I emailed again and also uploaded the image, they offered £12 discount which I refused as I explained I didn\'t know how long it was opened, heard nothing since, so had to put in claim with Paypal , I keep emailing them to ask them to take away old food as they have it in their terms and conditions that they collect stuff that is too awkward to post, and they refuse to answer, I am now going to have to pay excess weight charges on my bin unless I pay for acourier service to ship it back and hope for quick refund, which I doubt with their customer service, they may be quick and cheap but first sign of trouble they dont want to know, beware of buying large items

I bought a cat fresh flow water fountain from zooplus. Had a few queries, I was answered quickly and I was treated fairly. The water fountain, good price, arrived promptly, my kitten loves it. I have bought a spare from zooplus. Will use them often.

Terrible service. Emailed them photos of poor quality item in the format they requested but they say they can only open 1. If you can open 1 then you can open the others!! Overpriced item that is junk! Feel totally ripped off - beware of buying, there are plenty of other honest, friendly suppliers out there. Will not use again.

Appalling customer service. We got screamed at and hung up on when trying to ask for a return code for a broken hamster cage I had already paid for. Disgusting way to treat paying customers. Wouldn\'t recommend to anyone.

I cannot get out much and thought Zooplus would be ideal for ordering food and supplies for my cat. When a week has passed by and I did not receive delivery of my first order, I emailed customer service as to when I could expect delivery. When they eventually replied I was informed the delivery had been made 6 days earlier (by Yodel). I was told that an alternative delivery had been made, either to a neighbour or nearby shop, and that it was up to me to find out what had happened. I found that a poor response. I told them again I had not received delivery, and therefore expect a refund of my money. I got a quicker response to say they were refunding my money, and will now wait the 5 to 7 days to see if they actually refund it. Needless to say, will not be using Zooplus again. If the fault lies with their delivery providers, then it is up to Zooplus to rectify it. There is no excuse for shoddy delivery.

If all goes well I recommend this supplier but if there is something wrong you are in for trouble. They really do not want to replace anything or exchange anything and customer service is rather rude.

Prices are good. Range of stock is good. Delivery is awful. Orders go missing, deliveries arrive late or not at all. You have to spend over £15 just to order then itís an extra £4.99 for delivery unless you spend over £29. Complete waste of time and money. There are so many other websites selling the same things or at least similar things at the same price so needless to say, I certainly wonít be using them again especially as I recommended zooplus to friends and family and theyíve had similar experiences. Quite embarrassing.