Canned vs. Dry Dog food - Which is better for my dog?

Leading veterinarians agree that this is probably one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to dogs and answering it is not as easy as it seems!

In fact, there are several factors that influence the answer and need to be considered, namely:

Wet vs. Dry Dogfood

  • The type of dog and size of dog
  • Age/Stage of life
  • Overall health (health conditions/illnesses, kidney function, dental conditions etc.)
  • Dietary indications (any known allergies to foods etc.)

Generally, for healthy dogs, vets recommend a dry diet with dog foods sold by reputable companies because dry diets offer the following advantages:

  • Reputable dog food brands are nutritionally balanced
  • Kibble and pellets help to satisfy your dog's need to chew while simultaneously decreasing the buildup of dental plaque and tartar (all of which can lead to tooth and gum disease).
  • In most cases, dry diets ensure firmer, healthier stools - which is also better for those who are doing the poop scooping!
  • Dry dog foods tend to be less expensive and are easier to store.
  • Even though wet/canned dogfood looks and smells more appealing to us, dogs do enjoy dry dogfood too!

That said though, wet or canned dog foods do offer your dog a special high protein treat and can offer canine's with health issues many benefits. Canned foods offer the following advantages:

  • Wet/canned dog food contains more liquid content than its dry counterpart, making it a preferable option for dogs that suffer from constipation, diabetes or kidney disease and require added assistance in maintaining hydration.
  • Dogs with past dental issues, missing teeth or delicate gums may find softer foods easier to manage.
  • Dogs with weight issues can benefit from the fewer calories and carbohydrates found in wet foods.
  • Canned foods generally contain higher protein and less preservatives and fillers than dry dog food.
  • Wet/canned food is generally more expensive, so when feeding larger dogs, works out way less economical than dry dog foods do.

While wet and dry dog foods each offer their own unique benefits, there is a great deal to be considered, including your lifestyle and budget, so before making the choice, consult with your vet and always buy the highest quality you can afford!