Your dog's coat as an indicator of its health

Healthy Dog coat

Did you know that your dog's coat can be one of the best indicators into your dog's overall emotional and physical health and well-being?

It's true! A dog's fur can give you great insights into its health status, so always ensure that your do your best to maintain your dog's coat so that if any health issues arise you'll be the first to notice the early warning signs.

Below we discuss the main areas of your dog's health and how irregularities in these can be detected in the appearance of his/her fur coat.

Diet related issues

Your dog's coat requires a balanced diet rich in protein and amino acids for strength, replenishment and shine. These elements are the building blocks of the hairs natural structure, so if your dogs coat becomes dull or fragile, this could indicate insufficient nutrition. It is always advisable to research the most suitable types of food and portions to maintain your dog's health. If you believe that his/her diet needs a boost, ask your vet about suitable dog supplements.


Parasites like ticks and fleas are exceptionally bad for your dog's health as they carry numerous bacteria that can lead to infections and illness in your dog. Always ensure that your dog is clean and groomed and you'll be able to eliminate and keep these nasties at bay.


While different breeds have different rates and patterns of shedding, especially at the change of season, if your dog experiences abnormal and excessive hair loss or you find bald patches on him/her, this may be indicative of a more serious underlying problem. These symptoms may be due to physical problems like tumors or hormonal imbalances, but may also indicate emotional issues like stress or impulse control difficulties. Consult a vet immediately to rule out physical health issues.

Doggy Odour

In addition to the look and feel of your dog's coat, the odour can tell you something about their health status too. If you bathe your dog regularly, the fur should smell fresh in between baths. If you pick up a strong, foul or musky odour on a dry coat, this may be a sign of bacterial infection, fleas, fungus growth or even excessively dry skin. If your dog smells after a bath, book an appointment with your vet to rule out any serious issues.

As you can see from the above, grooming your dog regularly and keeping an eye on their coat goes a long way to enabling you to monitor their nutrition and health status, as well as eliminate parasites and keep on track with your dog's emotional state. In addition, it is a great way to bond with your pet as well as give him/her much needed attention and affection.